Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Springtime Bird Treats!

Got busy little hands?  Busy little minds? 
A nice Spring day?

This quick and easy project can be done in less than 30 minutes!
Not only is it SUPER EASY, it is fun to do and your busy little one(s) will love
watching the various birds come in to enjoy this tasty wildlife treat!

You'll only need a few things:

Pine Cones
Peanut Butter
(you can also use lard or lard & honey)
Butter Knife or Spoon
Bird Seed
Plate/Open Dish


Cut yarn about 18-24".
Tie it around the LARGE end of the pine cone,
leaving you with 2 equal amounts of yarn to hang the cone from.
Pour seed into a plate or some sort of open dish (we just used a paper plate)


Spread peanut butter on pine cone
Nothing fancy, just smear it & go with it.
Perfection is NOT required on this!!


Roll peanut butter smeared pine cone in the bird seed.  If needed, use your hands to pour seed into the spots that you can still see the peanut butter exposed.


Find a shady spot to hang your completed Springtime Bird Treat!!

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